Improving Indoor Air and Reducing Allergy Symptoms

Despite outdoor environmental factors, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, and other miserable allergy symptoms could be caused from indoor air you’re breathing each day. Climate-controlled environments within buildings rely upon recycled air. While this kind of environment helps maintain a constant temperature, many of the allergens, pollutants, germs, and other irritants remain trapped indoors and spread from room to room via forced heat or air conditioning. Use these tips to improve the air in your working and living spaces:

Clean the System

Start improving indoor air by having the air conditioning unit, furnace, heat pump, and other heating/cooling units professionally cleaned. Trapped moisture from condensation can lead to mould growth. Each time a heating or cooling unit turns on, air blows mould spores and distributes them throughout the vent system. A yearly inspection and cleaning will prevent mould and accumulation of other pollutants within the system.

Change Filters

Use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate arrestance) filters to remove tiny allergy-causing particles from the air. Change the filters monthly. HEPA filters will remove almost 100% of allergens in the air, but the filters must be clean in order to do the job properly.

Add Some Houseplants

Certain houseplants not only beautify an indoor space, they also keep the indoor air cleaner. Consider adding one or more of these air-purifying plants that grow well in low-light settings:

  • Cast Iron Plant (a.k.a Mother-in-Law’s Tongue) – An easy-care plant that thrives on neglect and air pollution.
  • Peace Lily – A popular office houseplant with an unusual hooded bloom and large, green leaves that filter the air in a small room.
  • English Ivy – This potted plant is also easy to care for.

Call the Doctor

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