Dryer Hazards


Washing and drying clothes usually form a big part of our daily or weekly routine. However, there is a hidden fire hazard in dryers and many people do not know about. Every year in Canada, dyers are responsible for a number of injuries, damages and even death. However, through a simple examination of the unit’s components, you can spot and correct a few indications of poor performance.

Safety tips to prevent dryer fire hazards.

Ensure proper installation

Safety Tips to Keep Your Dryer Safe and Functional At All Times

Dryer installation should be undertaken by a qualified technician. This is important because a professional technician is well-versed with various dryer operating systems as well as different manufacture installation recommendations.

Perform regular service

5 Simple Dryer Fixes You Can Do Yourself

Most dryer fires are caused by failure to clean and maintain the dryer. Problems such as lint build up on the back of the machine can be prevented by performing regular cleaning and routine inspection.

Clean the lint filter more frequently

The combination of lint, dust and high temperatures is one of the most common sources of fire ignited in the dryer. For this reason, the lint screen should be cleaned before and after every drying cycle.

Remove any flammable materials around the dryer

Dryer lint is a highly flammable material, as such, it must be kept away from heat at all times. On way to do this is by vacuuming. Other flammable materials such as gasoline should also be kept away from the dryer.

Inspect the gas line

Because of the dangers posed by gas leaks, dryer gas line and other connections must only be checked by a qualified professional to make sure the unit is well-connected and free of leaks.

Keep the air exhaust vent unrestricted

When you are operating the dryer, make sure the dryer vents remain open at all times to prevent lint build up and fire breakout. The exhaust vent should also be inspected and cleaned regularly, even when it is operating.

Avoid overload

Safety Tips to Keep Your Dryer Safe and Functional At All Times

Overloading the dryer is one of the main causes of dryer malfunction. To avoid unnecessary downtime and costly repair and replacement of components such as drum belt, pulleys and spindle bearings, always avoid overloading your dryer.

Dryer Cleaning and Maintenance in Ontario

Safety Tips to Keep Your Dryer Safe and Functional At All Times

Since dryers are one of the most expensive home appliances to maintain at home, proper care and maintenance is very crucial. Dr. Duct undertakes dryer vent cleaning, kitchen and bathroom vent cleaning, air duct cleaning and dryer repairs. You can sign up for a free estimate on our company website or call us at 613-845-0707.