Safety with Every Clean Chimney

Chimney Variations for Different Purposes


Your chimney is meant to provide you with a practical and safe method for warming your environment. Safety can be ensured with proper chimney cleaning. Safety and your chimney must not be underestimated. The deposits and debris can build up in your chimney and be unsafe for your health. Regular cleaning will provide a safe and healthy environment. The restriction of air flow in any chimney can be a hazard. Safety and a clean chimney are an excellent combination.

The Valuable Chimney Inspection

How To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes When It Comes To Fireplace Chimney Safety


The cleaning of your chimney can include an inspection for soot deposits, debris, and blockage. The courteous professionals also look to prevent the following:

The inspection will be done during the cleaning. You will rest easier knowing that your building is free from danger.

The Hazards of an Unclean Chimney


When your chimney is filled with debris this may pose several hazards. The following are a sample of the chimney issues that occur when it is un-clean. These include:

  • a buildup of creosote in the flue
  • a buildup of soot in the flue
  • chimney obstruction

These are problems for every chimney. There are solutions available to resolve these issues.

Valuable Services are Available

Proper duct and chimney services are available for commercial clients and for homeowners. Every client deserves to receive exceptional services that ensure a safe and clean environment. The following are a sample of valuable services:

  • air duct cleaning
  • dryer vent cleaning
  • kitchen and bathroom vent cleaning
  • chimney cleaning
  • air exchangers and heat recovery ventilators
  • more

These are a sample of the many valuable services that are available to keep your vents and chimney in excellent working order.

The Proper Tools for Every Job

The professionals have up-to-date equipment to get every job done right. The proper tools are required for cleaning the debris from any chimney. Innovation is included to provide exceptional cleaning that will ensure safety and a clean chimney is in every building or home.

You Will Receive a Free Estimate

A free estimate will be provided for your convenience. You can expect to receive clear information without any surprises. A complete assessment of your particular chimney needs is available to every customer. Call 613-845-0707 for a free estimate.

Dr. Duct is Ready for Chimney Care

Ottawa Duct Cleaning Chimney

If you would like a courteous and careful professional to clear your chimney of harmful debris, you can count on Dr. Duct to be ready for all chimney care. A clean chimney will be efficient and safe.