No more Foul Smells in your Kitchen and BathroomThere are two important places in your home that need to be well-maintained and clean: your kitchen and bathroom. These two areas are known to produce foul smells and can be distasteful and embarrassing for both you and your family — and visitors. If you use the bathroom and the ventilation or fan is not functioning well, you may have a long wait, or have to tell the next visitor, “It’s not very pleasant in there.” It’s the same scenario with kitchen smells. The mixture of different dishes cooked at the same time (or throughout the week) can also create unpleasant aromas. In fact, the worst thing about this situation is that the stench might stick to your body, clothes, or furniture.

Why won’t your kitchen and bathroom vents remove smells? Sadly, they’re likely damaged or malfunctioning. One of the obvious signs of poorly working vents are their inability to absorb smells and help filter the air circulating in your kitchen and bathroom. When this happens, a careful check of the vent duct should be conducted in order for you to know the cause of the problem.

Usually, dirt built up in your vents is the main issue. Air cannot freely travel in and out the vent because dirt or dust is blocking it. At the same time, leaks in your vent duct also contribute to vent malfunctions, so it is important that  to immediately call for professional help to address this concern. Don’t be bothered by unpleasant smells in your home; get help.