When there is something wrong with your dryer vent ducting the symptoms may be obvious or somewhat hidden. If you suspect something is wrong, don’t delay  getting the duct repaired. There are serious (and dangerous) issues that can arise from a malfunctioning dry duct.

Repairing Leaks on your Dryer DuctWhen you notice the dryer duct or the dryer becoming noisy when you run it, something is probably up. If your vent isn’t properly allowing the heat to escape, your laundry may be much hotter. That’s another sign something is going wrong. Sometimes, your laundry takes too long to dry, or won’t shut down. Also big warning signs.

You can inspect the duct for leaks or other forms of damage. Excess dirt and lint might be present and causing a malfunction. However, if there is leakage in your ducts, it’s necessary to tape or cover that leak properly for the dryer vent to function normally.

There is a right tool and tape to be used when fixing leaks. You can ask for assistance in a hardware store but if you can’t do it properly yourself, call for help from Dr. Duct and we’ll do it for you in no time and put your mind at ease.