Are Chimney Really Safe?A chimney can be an important part of a household, especially during winter. A fireplace is a source of heat and a cozy place to relax. Despite these benefits, can your chimney be a hazard?

Chimneys are built using materials that can stand smoke and heat coming from the fire below. When you light up your chimney, the fire stays on the ground and the only thing that comes out of the chimney is the smoke. But when you light up a fireplace and fire travels through the chimney, that fire could reduce your house to ashes. That is why it is important to understand the safety measures governing the use of this area and avoid catastrophic accidents.

The materials of a chimney are important, so if you are adding or building a chimney in your home, see to it that your material is fireproof. Get the guidance of experts. Concrete- or mortar-made chimneys can be effective, but regular cleaning is necessary to remove any and all dirt that might trigger a fire. If you rent an apartment or home with a fireplace, make sure to check with the landlord that the fireplace has been properly maintained and has a protective membrane. If the landlord says the fireplace is unusable, follow his/her instructions, for your own safety.

A permit to build a chimney is required. An official will check the strength and soundness of your chimney before you can use it. If you don’t have any idea how to do clean your chimney, it’s imperative you hire the services of professional chimney cleaners. They can completely clean the chimney and remove unwanted dirt and soot. At the same time, they’ll check for damages so you can immediately address any problems and do repairs before a small issue becomes a potentially deadly one.