Signs that Your Kitchen & Bathroom Vent Needs Cleaning or ReplacementWhen do you decide to hire a professional vent cleaner? Do you even hire one or just do the cleaning yourself to avoid additional expenses? Kitchen and bathrooms are two of the places in your house that needs to maintain 100% cleanliness not just physically but also the air circulating in the area. Vents are installed in order for the air to circulate properly and remove the unpleasant one. But how do you know if your vent is still working or not?

You can divide the signs that your kitchen and bathroom vents are already malfunctioning. These signs are the physical and nonphysical signs. Talking about physical signs, seeing that your vent already has cobwebs, dust, dirt or any type of debris means that it needs cleaning already. You can sometimes notice this dirt when HVAC is turned on and you see some tiny articles coming out of the vent. This only means that inside your vent, there are already dirt building that needs proper cleaning.

For the nonphysical signs, the first one is the unpleasant smell coming from the vent or the inability of the vent to remove the foul smell from your kitchen or bathroom. When these happen, it just means your vent needs some check up because you might have to replace it with a new one and not just clean it. The worst sign would be the diseases you get from unhealthy air circulating in your home. Vents should be responsible for the filtering of the air and yet your family catches cold easily or coughs. These unseen signs are the most obvious of all and your vent really needs a careful check up for cleaning and at the same time recommendation for a new one or not yet.